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Samarium Cobalt Cylinders

AMF Magnetics supply a wide range of Samarium Cobalt Cylinder Magnets in a variety of shapes and sizes. These cylinder magnets are ideal for use in high temperatures as they have superior stability over a wide temperature range. Their high operation temperature is why they are preferred over Neodymium Magnets for applications like high-performance motors.

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Samarium Cobalt Cylinders

Many applications require the advantage of the temperature stability of Samarium Cobalt magnets. These strong permanent magnets are used in aircraft, marine and spacecraft devices. They are also used in downhole drilling operations and in precision control systems. 

Samarium Cobalt magnetic material is hard and brittle due to the sintering manufacturing process. Despite this, they have the highest resistance to demagnetisation compared to other permanent magnets such as  Rare Earth magnets. Samarium Cobalt magnets also display outstanding temperature stability.

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