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Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic Rubber Sheets are flexible, lightweight and very affordable. Magnetic sheets are ideal for making commercial advertising material, artwork or workplace signage that can bond to steel surfaces. These steel surfaces can include everything from a refrigerator door to the company car. Customers find magnetic bonding is fast and easy to apply and able to be removed just as easily. AMF has magnetic whiteboard sheets for the home office or classroom, coloured sheeting in 1-metre lengths, handy adhesive-backed magnetic sheets and smaller sheets of A4 and A3 size printable magnetic paper. This category also contains double-sided magnetic sheets that allow steel items to bond magnetically to steel surfaces! The AMF adhesive-backed flexible magnetic whiteboard sheet is a flexible steel sheet, and while not magnetised, is perfect for making a magnetic office whiteboard on top of flat, smooth surfaces (read product instructions). AMF Office magnets will easily adhere to this flexible steel whiteboard material or you can write on it with a marker.

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Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic Sheets

Bulk Magnetic Sheets can be purchased from the  AMF online store in large, commercial size rolls up to 30 metres or in small 1 metre lengths for schools, home hobbyists and craft enthusiasts. The magnetic sheets are available in a range of classic colours to suit any project and are easily cut or shaped with scissors to meet your requirements.

Flexible Magnetic Rubber Sheets are ideal for printed advertising.

Magnetic sheets are widely used as an advertising and marketing tool for small and large businesses. Small business owners especially get a lot of value from their marketing dollar when they invest in printed magnetic marketing products like fridge magnets. Most people are familiar with the popular fridge magnet form of advertising and the reasons for the popularity of this type of marketing are many. Firstly, it's highly effective. Small business owners and tradespeople know that having their company name and contact details in prime position on a potential customer's refrigerator is ideal, especially if you're a plumber or a whitegoods service technician. Fridge magnet advertising is also very affordable.

Competition amongst sign shops and printers who are keen to attract your marketing dollar is high. They use rolls of bulk magnetic sheets and digital printing equipment to produce personalised advertising for their clients at very affordable prices. These marketing products can be produced quickly which is also appealing to business people who want their advertising campaign to have an immediate impact.

A magnetic rubber sheet is also used in sign shops to produce printed magnetic vehicle signage and advertising for their clients. Many businesses use magnetic sheets with printed logos and contact details to help customers and potential clients identify their company cars or delivery vans. The magnetic signage can be quickly applied for workdays and removed instantly when the vehicle is needed for private use.

Use flexible Magnetic Sheet for Hobbies and Art.

Make your artistic creations unique by giving them a magnetic feature. AMF has flexible magnetic A4 and A3 paper that can be used with an inkjet printer. We also have adhesive-backed A4 magnetic sheets that you can attach to your A4 graphic prints to make them magnetic. If you are keen on model trains and scale replicas of any kind, magnetic sheets are perfect for holding miniature items down or making magnetic scenery and props. The flexible nature of Magnetic rubber sheeting gives it real versatility. The sheets are easy to cut and shape onto steel or can be glued onto non-ferrous surfaces with any common craft adhesive. Flexible magnetic sheets can be used for just about any craft or hobby activity you choose.


Can you print on magnetic sheets?
Some flexible magnetic sheets are suitable for use with inkjet printers. You can find them here. Another option is to print on normal A4 or A3 office paper and then attach it to AMF A4 or A3 magnetic sheet with adhesive backing. Your printed sign or graphic design will then become magnetic!

How to cut magnetic sheets?
The thin, flexible magnetic sheets are easily cut to any size or shape. Cut the sheets with a box cutter knife or household scissors. A steel ruler or straight edge tool will make accurate cutting easier.

Where to buy magnetic sheets?
The AMF range of magnetic sheet products is extensive and has everything you need to complete your work project, school assignment or hobby. It can be daunting to wander around large supply stores for magnetic sheets from Officeworks where you might not find exactly what you're looking for. Shopping online is a safe way to purchase the products you need. Why not browse the AMF website or contact the friendly AMF staff for help and advice on buying the right magnetic sheets for your application? The AMF warehouse ships Australia wide every business day and orders over $30 receive free standard shipping! The AMF online store has secure payment methods and also offers express shipping options.

Information on product returns, shipping, terms and conditions and other useful information can be found in the FAQ pages.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More