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Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips

This range of magnetic tape rolls and strips has an additional self-adhesive strip feature. This allows the magnetic strip tape to be attached to any non-magnetic surface including stainless steel, aluminium, wood and more. We use high quality Tesa and 3M adhesives to ensure strong fastening to your desired surface. Our strong magnetic tape is made from the highest quality strontium or barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix. We also have Neodymium magnetic tape, which is the strongest of our magnetic tape offerings. Our Neodymium tape is constructed from neodymium powder within a polymer matrix.

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Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips

AMF Magnetics stock these flexible magnets in a large range of pre-cut sizes ranging from 12.5 - 55mm wide. They have a 3M or Tesa peel-away backing for attaching the magnetic tape to a variety of surfaces. They can easily be tailored to whatever shape or size suits your application. Simply slit, punch or cut the tape to any desired size with craft scissors or a Stanley knife. This gives you the ability to personalise your home, workplace, warehouse or factory.

Our magnetic tape range, particularly the Magnafix range is rated highly by our customers. Finding high quality magnetic tape elsewhere is a hard task. Buy magnetic tape online that you can trust at AMF Magnetics. Receive shipping worldwide, with same day dispatch and a 30 day return policy if it doesn’t work for you.

Our Range of Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape Products

Magnetic Shower Screen Kit
AMF Magnetics shower screen kit is specially designed to effectively secure shower doors. Our kit is suitable for use where a 10mm self-adhesive magnetic strip is needed.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape Rolls
AMF stock a variety of 30-60m magnetic tape rolls for various applications. We have adhesive tape rolls that are specially designed for vehicle guidance systems. Our A and B paired magnetic rolls can be used to secure items together and our white non-magnetic steel tape can be used to attract and adhere to permanent magnets.

The Magnafix range is specifically designed for applications that require stronger adhesion like fly-screens and more.

Neodymium Strip Magnets
Our neodymium strip magnets with 3M adhesive have the strongest magnetic force of all our magnetic strips. We stock two sizes, 12.5mm x 1metre and 25mm x 1metre and both are highly rated by customers.

500mm Strips
We stock two 500m magnetic strips (88897 & 93504) that can be used in arts and crafts or for attaching lightweight materials like posters and photographs to ferrous metallic surfaces. 

Uses for our Self Adhesive Strips and Magnetic Tape:

Magnetic strips provide a strong magnetic pull force and have many advantages over the more traditional fixing methods such as screws. These strips can easily be moved and repositioned without damaging the surfaces they are attached to. You can also attach a metal backplate to our magnetic strip products. This allows the product to adhere to different surfaces, without breaching or penetrating the walls painted surface.

Our Magnetic Tape range is ideal for creating a magnetic surface in your shop, warehouse, office or home where there wasn’t one previously. The strong Tesa or 3M adhesives work effectively. Whether it’s wood, steel, aluminium or glass. This flexible magnetic tape also works perfectly with whiteboards and memo boards.
Self adhesive magnetic strips are also very popular within the merchandising and retail industries. These products are often used to exhibit printed materials such as posters, signs, banners, graphics, artwork or photographs. Shopfitting industries often purchase our Magnafix or Neodymium magnetic tape range to display advertising material due to their superior holding strength.

Our Magnafix Magnetic Tape is specially designed to offer an even stronger adhesion with hard surfaces in mind. This product can be used in the home for purposes such as adhering a mosquito or fly screen to a window frame, applying perspex to a window as a double glaze and more. Alternatively, we offer a Shower Screen Seal Kit with the ability to hold a shower door shut.
To learn more about our Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape and Strips please contact our sales team.


What is magnetic tape used for?
Magnetic tape can be used for many applications in various different settings like the home, office or warehouse. Self-adhesive magnetic tape is most commonly used to magnetise surfaces or objects like photos, posters or advertising displays. Our tapes can also be used in conjunction to allow objects to adhere to each other, like creating magnetic fly screens, windows or shower screens.

What is the strongest magnetic tape?
Our neodymium strip magnets with 3M adhesive have the strongest magnetic force of all our magnetic strips. Neodymium tape is constructed from neodymium powder within a polymer matrix. 

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More