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Magnetic Strips Pre-Cut

AMF Flexible Magnetic Tapes and Strips can be purchased in pre-cut one-metre lengths. Customers find this both convenient and practical in comparison to the usual 30-metre rolls. Our Pre-Cut Magnetic Products include coloured 50mm Flexible Tape, Neodymium Magnetic Strips and Self Adhesive Magnetic Strips.

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Magnetic Strips Pre-Cut

Our wide range of Pre Cut Flexible strips includes our popular 50mm wide tapes in a range of 8 vibrant colours. These can be cut into labels for colour coding or identification. Simply attach onto a range of magnetic surfaces like whiteboards or warehouse racking. Rectangular pre-cut magnetic labels that can be written on with a marker pen are available in our Magnetic Label section.

This range also includes 1-metre long AMF neodymium tape product which contains powerful Neodymium material in powder form. This is manufactured into a rubberised compound to create a super-strong, yet flexible magnetic strip.

Self Adhesive Magnetic Strips with adhesive backing will attach to various materials and make them compatible with metal surfaces. The 1-metre Self Adhesive tapes (59063) with A and B parts allow two non-magnetic materials or surfaces to bond magnetically. This complementary tape system means non-metallic shower doors can close magnetically and aluminium fly screens can attach to timber windows.

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