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Magnetic Separation Consultancy

Separator Bar

As you no doubt know, metal particles that find their way into your production line can be a major headache. The possibility of damage to expensive machinery and the resultant down-time can have a significant impact on your bottom line, not to mention the cost and effect of product recalls.

Magnetic separators which are strategically positioned on your production line is the ideal way of ensuring your machinery is protected and your product comes out in perfect condition.

AMF Magnetics, Australia's leading supplier of permanent magnets, is able to inspect existing magnetic separation systems to ensure they are still doing the job that they were intended to do.

  • Testing magnetic strength of existing magnetic separators

  • Specific project consultancy. Advise you as to the most appropriate magnetic separator for your needs

  • Custom design and manufacture of all types of magnetic separation systems

For over 25 years, clients from primary producers, food manufacturers and others have relied and trusted AMF Magnetics to provide the most cost effective and appropriate solution to their metal separation needs. Let us now show you the benefits that a carefully considered decision of your magnetic requirements can have for your business.

To arrange an assessment of your metal separation requirements, please phone AMF Magnetics today. We look forward to being of service to you.


Here is what one of our customers said about their recent order of separator bars:

"Good Morning, I have just received my 3 magnets (25mm x 148mm) and I am rapped the quality is spot on, the packing is highly professional and the strength of the magnets is amazing. As I have said before, I use to get magnets locally years ago and the quality of your magnets makes them look like rubbish. I will be doing a Field Day later on this year please send me some brochures so I can promote your products.

You will be doing business with me in the future.

Thank you for a highly professional product."

Regards, Tool Tech
Feedrite Roller Mills."

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