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Magnetic Fishing

AMF Magnetics offers the strongest Magnetic Fishing products made from high-quality Rare Earth Magnets. These magnets can be used for environmentalism and ‘treasure hunting'. Magnet fishing helps to improve the natural environment by keeping outdoor waters clean and uncontaminated by metallic waste. Magnet fishers can also find rare and valuable artefacts in bodies of water such as canals and rivers.

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Magnetic Fishing

Our Fishing Magnets for magnetic fishing are made from strong Neodymium Magnets, the most powerful magnetic material available. This strong magnetic material allows our range of fishing magnets to have powerful pull forces. Depending on their size our magnets have a pull force strength from 80kg to 1000kg.

How to Use Our Strong Neodymium Magnets for Magnet Fishing

  • Collect Your Equipment
    To get started you will need a magnet, a rope and personal safety equipment. Quality protective gloves are essential, as removing each haul from the magnet often requires handling sharp or rusty metallic objects. Our Fishing Magnets will be strong enough on their own, but some people fabricate a jig to incorporate multiple magnets for extra strength and coverage.
  • Attach A Rope
    Attach a rope that can securely with sufficient length reach the depths of the waterway. Nylon ropes are water-resistant and durable and a brightly coloured rope will help identify them in muddy or weedy environments. You are now ready to engage in the hobby!

Contact Us to find out more about our Magnetic Fishing Magnets, or to inform us of your magnet fishing finds!

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