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Magnetic Fishing

Magnet Fishing in Australia has become a popular pastime. Large Neodymium Pot magnets with eyelet attachments can be fitted with ropes and used to attract ferrous metal items underwater. The strong magnets can retrieve metal valuables or other types of lost metal equipment from the bottom of rivers, ponds, or seabeds. The relatively recent use of these eyelet-enhanced magnets as a retrieval tool has proven to be very effective.

This practice of Magnetic ”Fishing” for submerged metallic objects can be seen as a fun and interesting hobby or as a solution to environmental pollution issues. Fishing with the assistance of magnets can also be a valuable salvage and retrieval method when searching for lost valuables or important personal items that fall into ponds, creeks, swimming holes, or rivers. The recovery of vehicle keys that have been accidentally dropped into deep water using a tethered magnet that can attract and secure the metallic keyring, is probably where this popular trend originated. Recreational fishing is one of the most popular sporting activities in the world today. Magnet Fishing can be equally enjoyed by people of all ages and with any level of experience.

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Magnetic Fishing

Use magnets to fish for metal treasure.

If you would like to earn money while you fish then buy an AMF Magnet Fishing Kit today! Ferrous metal is a valuable commodity and is one of the easiest materials to recycle for cash. Unfortunately, the frequency of unscrupulous operators illegally dumping rubbish into waterways, old mine shafts, and pits is increasing as council tipping charges and waste removal fees for heavy, dangerous, or toxic waste escalate. The steel components of this discarded material can be retrieved quite easily from a watery or hard-to-access location by using a strong magnet on a rope. Social media has many videos of magnetic fishing enthusiasts and the metal objects they retrieve from all types of waterways. Metal safes, stolen goods, bicycles, metal weapons, and metal car parts are not uncommon catches. Man-made infrastructure like bridges, walkways, and wharves are typical areas where valuables or metal waste are lost or dumped and make ideal magnetic fishing spots. Customers can design their own fishing magnet device to suit their particular needs or can purchase a ready-to-use magnet fishing kit from the AMF online store. The AMF kit has everything you need to get started including important PPE equipment to protect you from sharps and rope burn. Wearing some type of eye protection equipment is also highly recommended. The AMF website has 3 different fishing kits containing magnets that have capabilities of lifting between 80kg and 200kg, but the drag effect of underwater locations will reduce this considerably.


Help improve the environment and clean up polluted waterways.

Rusting metal waste like dumped tins, cans, drums, car parts, and shopping trolleys can leach toxins into the water and cause long-term damage to the environment. Fishing tackle made from metal or plastic that has been discarded into the water can cause serious injury to local wildlife. Many of these ferrous metal items lie invisible at the bottom of rivers, canals, dams, and ponds and need to be removed. Fishing with a retrieval magnet attached to a rope can attract these metal contaminants so they can be collected, removed, and hopefully recycled into useful new products. Magnetic fishing can be a very efficient way to restore or maintain a healthy and sustainable water environment by magnetically removing ferrous contaminants that would otherwise go unnoticed. Finding metal items to recycle or lost valuables while decontaminating your local waterways with fishing magnets can be rewarding for you, the local wildlife, and the whole environment.

Recover equipment or broken metal fittings on industrial work sites. Fishing magnets can save a lot of time and money when used to retrieve broken or lost metal parts and equipment. Drainage systems, boreholes, and water-filled voids on construction or mining sites can be extremely difficult to access. Fishing magnets attached to rope provide a cost-effective way to gain access to these narrow areas when a broken metal drilling bit or tool needs to be recovered. Leaving a broken or lost piece of metal equipment in these locations can lead to disastrous consequences and huge recovery costs later on. Neodymium magnets with an Eyelet fitting are ideal for this type of metal retrieval work. The magnets are sold in a range of sizes to suit the weight you need to lift or the access you have available to you.

WARNING! Large Neodymium magnets are extremely powerful and can cause serious injury if mishandled.


Is magnet fishing legal in Australia?
It is advisable to check with local government authorities regarding regulations for your area and magnetic fishing in the relevant waterways. With regards to sport and recreation during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, fishing is a permitted activity for a maximum of two people at one time.

What is the best magnet for magnet fishing?
AMF has powerful Neodymium fishing magnets with two eyelets. These can be useful for attaching two retrieval ropes in order to attain a more secure hold, provide easier retrieval of large objects by two people, or drag the underwater search area in a more controlled or systematic pattern. They are also easier to unsnag when caught on submerged debris or infrastructure.

Where to buy magnets for magnet fishing?
AMF has a high-grade, super-strong Neodymium fishing magnet to suit any application and every type of waterway. Buy a magnet for magnet fishing from the secure AMF online store and receive free standard Australia Post shipping to anywhere in Australia when you spend $30.*

*See the shipping terms and conditions, read the FAQs and Knowledge base information, or contact us for helpful advice.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel from a horizontal surface. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around only 30% of the pull force listed in the product description. This is due to the effects of gravity and the lack of friction between the surface and the shiny magnet. Read More