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Going Camping?

Two Wandering Soles

If you have plans to go away this Easter Long Weekend, these magnets will make for happy little campers.

Two of our most common enquiries include magnets to make block out blinds and fly screens for camper vans.

Making Curtains, Block Out Blinds or Fly Screens 🦟

Our top three products for making custom curtains, block out blinds and fly screens are Sew-In Magnets, Neodymium Magnetic Tape and Rare Earth Block Magnets.

Sew-In Magnets come in pairs and their PVC coating allows you to easily stitch each magnet in place on the inside or outside of your project. They are available in a few different sizes and strengths, and in either disc or rectangular shape.

Neodymium Magnetic Tape makes as the perfect closure for DIY fly screens to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. This tape can be easily cut to size with scissors or Stanley knife and two pieces can be turned around against each other so its magnetic poles attract to each other. Cut a strip to size and insert it into the hem of a curtain for easy attachment to any ferrous metallic window frames.

Rare Earth Block Magnets can be inserted into various intervals in a hemline for a secure hold and increased ability to block out any sun seeping in.

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Magnetic Tape
Rare Earth Block Magnets
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Keep Your Shoes Dry and Your Camper Sand and Mud Free 🥾

Rare Earth Hook Magnets are one of our best sellers for 101 reasons. They can quickly and easily transform the limited space in your camper van or RV. Buy a pair for each member of the family and keep your shoes dry, and your space sand and mud-free. They are incredibly strong for their size, and don't require the need for drilling or tools. Reuse and reposition them again and again.

Rare Earth Hook Magnet Keeping Shoes Dry with Hook Magnets
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Never Lose Your Keys Again 🔑

Nothing ruins the holiday vibe like losing keys, especially the keys to the car, camper van or hotel room.

Keep a Telescopic Pick Up Tool in your glovebox and you'll never lose your most precious metal items in long grass again.

For heavier items, or as a fun holiday activity you can use our Heavy Duty Fishing Magnets. These are great for discovery hidden treasure at the bottom of large bodies of water, or when an item needs to be retrieved from a long distance. Fishing Magnets come with a removable Eyelet for rope attachment.

Carabiner Hook Magnets are great for keeping items subject to wind in place, or for creating a temporary clothes line by simply attaching a rope in between two.

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Fishing Magnet
Carabiner Hook Magnet
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