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Alnico Pot Magnet - 12.5mm x 9mm | Non-Threaded 4mm Hole

Product code: 48010

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Alnico Pot Magnet - 12.5mm x 9mm | Non-Threaded 4mm Hole

Product Code 48010
Pull Force* 0.7 kg
Weight 8 gm
Style Alnico Pot Magnets (non-threaded hole 4mm)
Grade C5
Coating Red (painted)
Dimensions Height:9mm, Diameter:12.5mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This Alnico Pot Magnet with a non-threaded hole 4mm has a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of 9mm. It is identified by the AMF magnets part number 48010.

Uses for our alnico pot magnets:

Alnico pot magnets express their intuitive, graduated power in a manner that is safe and secure. Reliable and reusable, permanent yet permitting repositioning. Magnetic engagement inflicts no material penalty to surfaces subject to magnetic bond. Construction, manufacturing and industry value these characteristics.

Alnico pot magnets have a long, distinguished history (dating back to the 1940’s), of helping make possible the incredible development of electrical and electronics equipment. This history, and alnico pot magnets versatility, is fast turning this humble technology (magnetism) into the preferred connective tissue of the digital age. The world turns and magnetism and magnetic products are turning with it.

For the smooth expression of mechanical power (force and movement), magnets provide a reliable agency of push and pull force of components that need to be governed within predictable, intuitive and regulated boundaries.

Alnico pot magnets are one of the oldest in the magnet family (early 1940’s), yet magnets are one of the youngest in the fastening family that includes some real old timers like nails, screws and bolts. In a very real sense, these older fasteners represent the old world and the barriers to entry to the new, digital age.

The new world requires flexibility, adaptability, versatility and rewards intuitive behaviour. For these reasons, plus the ease of assembly and disassembly afforded by magnetic engagement, the newest magnetic member of the fastening family are proving to be the archetypal high achiever. Ready, willing and able to fulfil the promise of the new world.

Shallow pot magnets manufactured in Alnico are mostly used for jigs & fixtures, holding and gripping applications where there are height restrictions.

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Alnico is most commonly produced by a Casting process. A key feature of Alnico magnets are their high temperature operating limits.