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Neodymium Disc - 7mm x 3mm

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Product Code 20068
Pull Force* 1.04kg
Weight 1 gm
Style Rare Earth Disc magnet
Grade N38
Gauss 4100
Coating Nickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised
Height 3mm
Diameter 7mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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Disc Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth disc has a diameter of 7mm and a height of 3mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 4100 Gauss and a pull force of 1.04kg. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 20068.

Uses for our rare earth disc magnets:

Companies using state of the art cutting, polishing, computer aided drawing, laser guided design and fabrication often use these 7mmx3mm, strong rare earth magnets. Using these modern technologies to construct bespoke display forms requires precision and attention to detail. The display items are sometimes purpose built to a client’s exact specifications based on the type of products to be displayed, or the size and shape of the particular space that the displays are required to fit.

Rare earth magnets are reliable, reusable and easily removable, allowing the designers and tradespeople to make adjustments through the design and build stage with a minimum of fuss. Once constructed, the display sections can be delivered to site in a flat pack format and joined together in place or in situ and adjustments made to ensure a fit for purpose assemblage.

Magnets as a fixing system, or fastening method in the onsite assembly phase offers the workers maximum flexibility and ease of use compared to other joining or connecting methods. The individual components or sections of the display assembly may need to be adjusted to address site specific issues that may not have been apparent to the designers in the studio phase of the design.

The use of magnets can often allow for a simpler repositioning of the fixing or holding function within these displays with little or no penalty, unlike screws or bolts, which may require a greater commitment in labour hours or shop soiling, to each new position.

As well as the bespoke retail joinery companies these tiny yet powerful magnets are employed in the automotive manufacturing industry along with wide acceptance in light and heavy industrial workshops. These magnets find widespread application in businesses reliant on visual communication to attract potential customers.

Customer Reviews
  1. Purchased small 7mm by 3mm Rare Earth magnets to secure wooden tops in wooden boxes
    Great service. Received magnets promptly. Well packed and invoiced. Excellent product with unbelievable holding power for such a small magnet. Can’t go wrong at the price.

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    Posted on

  2. Quality product delivered on time. All as promised.
    Quality product delivered on time. All as promised.

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