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Can you use magnets on a stainless steel fridge?

Q: Can you use magnets on a stainless steel fridge?

Yes. In most cases, the stainless steel found in domestic and household white goods is not 100% pure stainless and contains some degree of ferrous metal to which all Refrigerator Magnets can attach. The higher the stainless steel content in the material used to manufacture your fridge the lower the ability of magnets to attach to it, but for most refrigerator doors this is barely noticeable.

Fridge Magnets are generally constructed from rubberised Ferrite powder or in rarer cases may use powerful Neodymium magnetic material which is far stronger but is also more expensive. If you find that flexible Fridge Magnets are not strong enough to hold items to your refrigerator door you may need to upgrade to Neodymium magnets, Neodymium Self-adhesive magnets or consider small Pot magnet products to meet your needs. 

AMF has Neodymium magnets in Disc, Block, Ring, Cylinder and Sphere shapes that can be incorporated into novelty type magnetic decorations or used on their own to attach notices and reminders to your fridge.

You can purchase these Refrigerator compatible magnets from our online store using our secure checkout payment system and have them shipped Australia-wide with Free (over $30), Standard or Express Post options.