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Difference between 3M and Tesa adhesive

3M Adhesive is a high quality glue that is suitable for most applications. The glue can withstand the pressure of most day to day projects and has performed well in many commercial applications for significant periods of time. Very few magnetic projects require more adhesive strength than the world renowned 3M adhesive product offers. As per the AMF Magnifix directions of use information, maximum adhesion will be achieved when all contact surfaces are flat and thoroughly pre-cleaned and free of dust, grime and dirt. For projects where adhesion to a surface is difficult, a tape with broader width dimensions (19-25mm) may provide a simple solution. In other cases, two thinner strips (10-12.5mm) of magnetic tape placed side-by-side may be the answer to adhesion issues.


Tesa 4965 adhesive is available on certain AMF magnetic tape products and is suitable for extreme conditions where heat and water may, over time, deteriorate standard grade adhesives. For outdoor or industrial use or where heavy materials need to be bonded magnetically, Tesa adhesive is recommended and proven to be robust, reliable and effective. Tesa grade adhesives are widely used in the automotive and manufacturing industries where products that display strength, quality and resilience characteristics are in high demand.