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Display and wearing war medals

In the lead up to ANZAC day each year we are contacted by many war veterans and their family members regarding magnetically attaching their war medals to clothing. 

It is the ideal solution for the elderly as the two parts are easy to grasp and handle without the fuss of small pins. Furthermore, these fantastic magnetic name tags won’t damage clothes which is a particularly prevalent problem when wearing heavy medals.

If your medals are particularly heavy use two or more of these 45mm x 13 mm name badge magnets. Instead of using the self-adhesive tab, double up with more heavy-duty glue or stitch the metal plate to the back of the medals.

One of our clients also let us know about their fantastic adaptation - using a second set of magnets mounted in their display cabinet for when the medals are not in use. Ingenious! 

The badge magnets are manufactured using high-quality neodymium magnets and steel plate. Volume discounts are available for bulk orders.