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FAQs Neodymium Hook Magnets


Where to buy Magnetic Hooks?

There are a variety of online stores that sell magnetic hooks like Bunnings and Amazon. However, AMF is Australia's largest retailer of magnets and strives to provide the best quality, advice and service to our customers so their purchasing experience is as fast and trouble-free as possible. We try to make sure all our stock is available and ready for daily shipping. The AMF online store makes it easy to purchase the hook magnet you need and we have free standard shipping within Australia for orders over $30. Contact our staff for helpful information about how to use hook magnets or refer to the FAQ & Knowledge Base pages to learn about different hook magnet applications.


Ways to use magnetic hooks?

Magnetic Hooks can attach strongly to ferrous metal surfaces where they can then be used to suspend electrical cables. audio system speakers, lighting, decorations, plants, garden tools, sporting equipment or cooking utensils. Work trucks and delivery vans are much easier to keep tidy when your tools and equipment are organised with magnetic hooks. Boats, campervans, motorhomes and most recreational vehicles can benefit from using magnetic hooks to provide more hanging space for important gear. Use magnets to attach awnings or sun shades to your vehicle or home.

How strong are magnetic hooks?

AMF has Magnetic Hooks with diameters ranging from 16mm up to 75mm. The powerful holding pot magnets can support weights up to 164kg in some situations. It is extremely important to consider that vertical attachment or variations in the metal quality and surface thickness and texture can greatly affect the strength of any magnetic bond. Depending on your application, you may find other types of rare earth holding Pot Magnets with different attachment options that are better suited to your type of application or needs.