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Ferrite Magnetic Buttons

Home and office organization is crucial to working productively and for having a clean area. This is where our Ferrite Whiteboard Magnets come in handy. AMF Magnetics has a wide range of Office Magnets that maintain a strong magnetic hold while having a stylish appearance – perfect for display in the office, school or even at home! These Ferrite Whiteboard Button Magnets are constructed out of small Ferrite Magnets coated in a rubber exterior to protect the ferrite from damage and corrosion. Our Ferrite Magnetic Buttons come in various different colours to add some diversity to your whiteboard and gives you the option to colour-code your work! The strength of the magnet is more than your average fridge magnet – they’re able to hold approximately 10 A4 sheets to a whiteboard. With this extreme strength you are able to keep a more organised work area and store documents in a convenient and visual way. This is also relevant in the home setting – you can display important bills, documents or school information on the fridge with ease.