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Flexible Magnets Typical Physical Properties

Typical Physical Properties for Flexible Magnets

At AMF we pride ourselves on our customer service. One of the key principles of good customer service is transparency. In this table you will find the manufacturer specifications and standard quality testing results. The ranges are indicative for the entire product category or Ferrite based flexible magnetic material. For information related to a specific product we recommend you read the individual product pages. Each product has a detailed product description written to provide information to assist our customers. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

The term Flexible Magnets refers to a large and diverse product range that includes magnetic tapes, magnetic sheets, magnetic labels, magnetic channels and printable magnetic paper. Each product type includes a number of options such as thickness, dimensions and colours. For the most part this product range is constructed from Strontium or Barium Ferrite powder within a polymer matrix. There is also a range of Neodymium flexible magnets however this Physical Properties Table does not include their technical properties.

As indicated by the table, these magnets are very flexible making them ideal for a number of applications. Vehicle signage is just one example of flexible magnets' unique advantages. Magnetic sheets are able to be pulled off with ease, rolled up and stored when not in use. These flexible magnetic signs can be used and reused endlessly without fear of damaging the sign or the vehicle.

Magnetic labels are another fantastic example of flexible magnets. Not only can magnetic labels be cut to size with a simple pair of scissors, they can also be written on with whiteboard markers. Perfect for labelling stock in a busy business or warehouse. These magnetic labels can be used time and time again utilising their dry erase capabilities. If you are after a more permanent label then simply print up some labels and stick them onto the surface of the label. As stock moves or changes magnetic labels can be easily peeled away and moved.