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How to create a whiteboard using self-adhesive magnetic sheets

Q: Dear AMF Magnetic team,

 We have 3 boards (120cm W x 126cm H) that are only whiteboards.

We are looking for 3 whiteboard magnetic sheets (fitted) that we could put on top of each board so that they become magnetic and whiteboard at the same time.

Would you have something that could help us?

We supply flexible magnetic sheeting with adhesive backing in a range of widths and thicknesses. Most customers choose to install the product themselves as it is a fairly straightforward task

The products below have a peel away adhesive which could go straight over your current whiteboard. You need to cut them to size but this can be done with a Stanley knife or box cutter.

Self Adhesive Writable Steel Magnet Sheet White 620mm x 0.8mm

Self Adhesive Writable Steel Magnetic Sheet White 1200mm x 0.6mm


Also available are various white magnetic sheets which contain rubberised ferrite magnetic material. Find them below in various sizes. These do not have an adhesive backing and would need to be attached to the wall with a strong builders type glue:

The 0.8mm thick sheets have better magnetic adhesion than thinner ones.

Please note that small pin-type magnets attach to the rubberised sheeting well but flexible fridge style magnets attach quite weakly.

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