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How to find a stud in the wall

Tradesmen and home handymen alike find Magnetic tools are an important item to include in their everyday toolkits. Stud finder magnets are ideal for locating the timber studs behind gyprock walls. Finding the location of timber wall studs makes it easier to safely hang pictures in the correct position. It is important to find the timber stud in the wall cavity when using a screw or nail to hand your artwork or other decorative items safely and securely on the wall.

Magnets react to the presence of any metal or ferrous objects which would otherwise be undetectable behind the wall surface. Metal nails, screws or electrical power backing plates can be found by sweeping the magnet across the wall surface. The slowly moving magnet will be attracted to the nails or screws that hold the wall studs and noggins together and thus indicate where best to drill any holes. Of course, any strong Permanent magnet will be able to do the job of metal detecting behind sheeted walls but the AMF Studfinder magnet is designed especially for this purpose. The plastic case protects the magnet from damage and also protects the painted wall surface. The adjusting nut and thread mean the magnet can be wound back into the case so the magnet is less effective when not in use. The handy eyelet attachment makes it easy to attach a rope which can convert the handy tool into a retrieval magnet for recovering tools that have been accidentally dropped into water or a cavity.