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How to make Photo Magnets

Inkjet printers can be used to print images onto the non-magnetic side of thin flexible magnetic sheets. AMF stocks printable magnetic sheeting in a range of sizes and thicknesses that can be used to convert your digital images into a flexible fridge magnet. Personalise your fridge magnets with photos of loved ones, relatives, friends or recent holiday photos.  

The rubber-backed magnetic sheets can tolerate moderate printing temperatures (70 ℃). Laser printers tend to generate higher printing temperatures and can easily damage the magnetised sheet to the point where it is no longer magnetic. Laser printers are not suitable for printing onto magnets. AMF has A4 sheets and classic 6”x4” photo size magnetic sheets in a gloss or matte finish surface. When using an Inkjet printer, it is advisable to feed the magnetic paper into the printer tray one at a time to avoid jamming. Print a test sheet of paper first so you know which side of the sheet needs to face up for printing. Place the magnetic sheet on top of some standard A4 paper sheets in the tray. This will help the printer draw the magnetic sheet into the printer more easily and assure the printed image is clear and sharp.