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How to remagnetise a magnet

How to Remagnetise magnets?

Remagnetising a magnet is easier than you may expect. Simply acquire a Neodymium magnet that is stronger in magnetic power than the magnet you wish to remagnetise. The reason a Neodymium or Rare Earth magnet is recommended is that they are the strongest type of magnet available and therefore make the process easier. 

The process of remagnetising is as simple as connecting the two magnets together so that the opposite poles come into contact. This is quite straightforward as the magnets will naturally be drawn to each other’s opposing poles.

It is important to take care when handling magnets as they can shatter and cause injury when allowed to attach together with force. Another important safety consideration is to ensure you do not over do it when you select the magnet, bigger is not always better. If you get a magnet that is too strong you will increase the risk of personal injury and also make it difficult to pull them apart.