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Magnetic Sheets Table

0.26-0.30mm Magnetic Sheets

Description/application: These A4 or A3 printable magnetic sheets (Matte or Gloss), are the best solution for office printing and signage.

Pros/Cons: Simply requires you to place the magnetic printable sheet into your home inkjet or laser printer. Interchangeable with common paper formats. Flexible.

0.4mm Magnetic Sheeting

Description/application: This Magnetic Sheeting can be applied to curved surfaces. They are commonly used for advertising and large run commercial printing

Pros/Cons: Low magnetic strength. Very economical. Flexible.

0.5mm Magnetic Sheeting (White Double sided magnetic sheet)

Description/application: Converts a metal surface into a magnetic surface.

Pros/Cons: The PVC coating of the White Double Sided Magnetic Sheeting  has one-third the strength of the brown side.

0.6mm Magnetic Sheeting

Description/application: It is commonly used for Indoor graphic signage, whiteboards or office/warehouse labels.

Pros/Cons: Economical, thin, easily cut and relocated. Flexible.

0.8mm Magnetic Sheeting

Description/application: It can be used for outdoor signage, vehicle signs and warehouse labelling.

Pros/Cons: High-Quality. Durable. Semi-rigid. Strong adhesion.

0.8mm Magnetic Sheeting

Description/application: Very rigid. Very strong magnetism. Very durable. For flat surface only.