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Pot Magnets

Pot magnets, also known as holding discs, are generally used for gripping, clamping and fixing components together. Some Pot magnets have a central void. Others have a male thread, others have a countersunk attachment hole. These features allow for attachment to non-magnetic surfaces via a screw, rivet or bolt. Pot magnets can attach to the walls or ceilings of steel shipping containers on work sites, utility spaces or to the steel interior of truck bodies. A hook or eyelet variant of the Pot magnet can act as hanging point for equipment.

The circular shape of a Pot magnet fits snugly into round  recessed voids in various materials which may be requiring permanent fastening with the capacity to release or remove the material for service or cleaning. Use Pot magnets on workbenches as clamping devices or to hold and release on demand, products like white goods as they undergo assembly or service. Buy Rare Earth, Ferrite or Alnico Pot Magnets from AMF!