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Rare Earth Typical Magnetic Properties

Typical Rare Earth Magnetic Properties

The Typical Magnetic Properties Table is a comprehensive guide to the technical properties of Neodymium magnets. In this table you will find the Rare Earth magnetic grades listed down the left axis. Each of the subsequent columns outlines the technical readings for each of the grades of Neodymium magnet. For many customers these highly technical details will be irrelevant for selecting an appropriate magnet. We encourage customers to contact our sales team or review our FAQs to assist with choosing a magnet.

To assist our customers to interpret the table a brief definition of the terms is included below:

Remanence refers to the process of the magnet becoming magnetised. A Neodymium magnet is in effect a magnetic storage device. The magnet stores the remanence of the magnetic field it was exposed to in the manufacturing process.

Coercivity is the measure of the magnet’s ability to withstand an external magnetic field. The measurement indicates the magnets ability to withstand the magnetic field without becoming demagnetised.

Intrinsic Coercivity is similar to Coercivity however this measurement expresses the magnets ability to withstand an external magnet causing permanent demagnetisation.

The Maximum Energy Product of a magnet is an indicator for the magnet’s strength. Simply understood as the option to use a small magnet with a higher energy product measurement or to use a larger magnet with a lower energy production.

AMF does not stock all grades of magnets listed in this table. There are a number of grades that span a cross section of the full list theoretically available. However there are a reduced number that are produced by manufacturers in on a regular basis. If a customer would like to order a particular magnet grade we are always happy to assist. Please get in touch with our sales team via email or phone to discuss your requirements.