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What is the most suitable product for installing retrofit double glazing on my windows?

Double glazing has become increasingly popular in newly built homes due to the improved insulation it provides. What about for existing homes?

Replacing windows with newly fabricated double glazing is expensive. Retrofit double glazing is a far more cost effective method of achieving the benefits of double glazing. This is done by attaching a perspex sheet to the inside of the window with a small gap between the glass and the perspex. However windows need to be accessible so the perspex needs to be removable. This is achieved with the help of magnetic tape.

Most window frames are either wood or aluminium, neither of which is ferrous. A special two part product has been designed which allows two non-magnetic surfaces to be magnetically attached together. A and B Magnetic Tape Systems are ideal for attaching two non-magnetic surfaces such as window frames (wooden/aluminium) and acrylic panels to create retrofit double glazing.

A and B matched tape systems are designed to work together as a pair, they bond together by attracting to the opposite magnetic poles. The tape comes with adhesive on the back which is on the opposite side to its matching tape. This ensures correct alignment when the tapes are used to bond two different surfaces together ie; one surface with A and the other surface with B.

Acrylic sheeting is a heavy material and care should be taken to ensure thicker sheets are installed in such a way as to allow for the window sill to bear the actual weight of the sheet and the magnetic tape serves simply to hold it in place.