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Black Magnetic Tape - 10mm x 0.8mm | 30m ROLL

Product code: 59095A

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Black Magnetic Tape - 10mm x 0.8mm | 30m ROLL

Product Code 59095A
Pull Force* ≥43g/cm2
Weight 1000 gm
Style Roll of black magnetic tape
Grade NF06
Coating Black PVC
Dimensions Thickness:0.8mm, Width:10mm, Length:30m roll
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

Magnetic Product Description:

This black  tape magnet roll has a width of 10mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. The roll comes in a length of 30 metres. It has a black PVC coating. It can easily be cut to size with scissors or a Stanley knife. Identified by the Amf magnets part number 59095A.

Grade: NF06

Pull force: ≥43g/cm2

Uses for our black magnetic tape:

Black magnetic tape is convenient to use and easy to remove. This flexible tape can be simply cut into different shapes and sizes depending on individual requirements. It is widely applied as a method of labelling and for fastening or holding many different types of signs and messages in markets, offices, homes and schools.

Safe and secure, reliable and replaceable, permanent and removable this product is able to be removed with little or no material penalty or residue to surfaces bonded in this manner.

A width of 10mm, thickness of 0.8mm and available in economical lengths of 30 metres, this useful product is cut to suit for labels and signs adorning pallets or crates of goods at markets where variability of contents and prices can require signs that need to be easily removed, repositioned or replaced.

In film, television and theatre production this thin black tape is variously applied to the stage floor or the back of sets and props, as a secret or hidden system for securing script prompts for actors or technical and timing notes for crew without attracting undue attention.

In the landmark film Apocalypse Now, so poor was Marlon Brando’s memory, he insisted his famous lines, ‘The horror. The horror’, be sticky taped to the forehead of his opposite Martin Sheen as a prompt. It probably wasn’t black magnetic tape but given the difficulty of removing old fashioned adhesive tape back then, Martin Sheen probably wished it was.

This black tape magnet roll is ideal for labelling and attaching signs to different surfaces like wood, metal and plastic. Also for general office labelling requirements. It is perfect where a dark contrast label is required against a white background.

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NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specic values within that range.

NB: Ranges are indicative for product category, please check individual products for specific values within that range.