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Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper 60 inch

Product code: 89112


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Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper 60 inch

Product Code 89112
Weight 34000 gm
Style Heavy duty magnetic sweeper 60
Dimensions Length:1524mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This heavy-duty magnetic sweeper is a hanging model supplied with handles that allow a vehicle or forklift to attach. This model requires the collected swarf, nuts and bolts to be manually removed from the Magnetic Sweeper by using a block of wood or similar for their disposal. This model has a length of 60 inches and is identified by the Amf Magnetics part number 89112.

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Uses for our heavy duty magnetic sweepers and brooms:

Regular maintenance of the workplace in relation to metal fragments expressed from cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, goods pallets and many other sources is an act of due diligence and an expression of a duty of care to staff, customers, pneumatic vehicles, and ultimately the wider community and our waterways.

This heavy duty sweeper, able to be hooked up to a forklift or a small shopping centre type tractor, is a very useful piece of equipment for collecting scrap metal. Magnetic pull force attracts metal fragments of all kinds. Once attracted these hazardous objects are secured to the magnetic componentry for storage and collection by scrap metal dealers.

This heavy duty magnetic sweeper only collects metal by hovering over areas like car parks, loading docks and entrances, waste transfer stations and similar industrial or commercial spaces. Magnetic pull force will suck up only metal. Organic matter, plastics and paper products have no chance to contaminate or mix with the metal secured on the sweeper, simplifying the deposit of secured fragments for clean accumulation and storage.

This device collects with magnetic force the only waste that can be exchanged for cash. Scrap metal. Metals of all kinds are very durable, collecting and safe storage at source removes these hazards to people, pneumatic wheeled vehicles and prevents expression of these nuisance objects into our roadways, parks and stormwater facilities and ultimately our natural waterways.

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