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Metal Plates with Self Adhesive Tabs | 20 Pack

Product code: MA002A

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Metal Plates with Self Adhesive Tabs | 20 Pack

Product Code MA002A
Weight 100 grams
Dimensions Width:22mm, Height: 32mm, Thickness:1mm
*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

This set of Metal Plates with Self-Adhesive Tabs includes 20 metal plates and 20 self-adhesive tabs. The metal plates are 22mm wide x 32mm height x 1mm thick. This product is identified by AMF Magnetics part number MA002A.

Want to use magnets for a non-invasive hanging/display solution but don’t have a magnetic/metallic surface? Our pack of metal plates are the solution. These metal tabs, allow you to use magnets anywhere! Use metal plates to create a metallic surface anywhere you like. There is no need for drilling, nails, or other obtrusive methods. Keep your walls clean and free from damage. This pack comes with 8 steel plates and 8 corresponding adhesive tabs.

These plates come from our sister art hanging company Magnart. Use them in conjunction with any of your favourite AMF magnets for a simple DIY solution to hanging. Use metal plates with our magnetic cylinders or discs to hold up lightweight posters, artwork, or photographs and display them on your walls. Use our magnetic hooks to hang more heavy-duty items, hold up cables or create a bag rack. They can also be used as a name tag backing for our magnetic labels. You do not need the adhesive tab to use the metal plate for a name tag. Simply hold the metal plate to the back of a piece of clothing and then press the magnetic side of your label to the front, positioned directly on top of the metal plate.

How to Mount Metal Plate:

  1. Ensure your surface is clean and even. You can do this by smoothing out with sandpaper and wiping the surface with rubbing alcohol. Let the surface dry.
  2. Apply an adhesive tab by peeling off one side of the adhesive tab and firmly pressing it on the wall or surface you are using.
  3. Wait for 30 minutes to allow time for the adhesive to bond to the wall.
  4. Attach the metal plate by removing the other side of the magnart adhesive tab and firmly press the magnart backing plate to the adhesive for 30 seconds.
  5. Wait another 30 minutes
  6. Now you can attach the magnet you desire to use, such as a pot magnet or hook magnet. Or, position your desired sign, document, artwork, or poster to the front of the metal plate, and secure it down with a magnet.

How to Remove Metal Plate:

  1. Slowly and carefully slide off any magnet attached to the metal plate.
  2. Slide a knife beneath the metal plate and cautiously prise away the backing plate from the adhesive
  3. Peel the adhesive off the surface gently.

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