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Samarium Cobalt Block Magnets (SmCo) - 2.28mm x 1.5mm x .76mm

Product code: 39090

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Samarium Cobalt Block Magnets (SmCo) - 2.28mm x 1.5mm x .76mm

Product Code 39090
Weight 1 gm
Style Block magnet
Grade Sm2Co17
Tolerance +/- 0.05mm
Coating N/A
Direction of Magnetisation Axially magnetised thru the thickness
Dimensions Width:1.5mm, Height:0.76mm, Length:2.28mm
Samarium Cobalt Block Magnets (SmCo) - 2.28mm x 1.5mm x .76mm

Magnetic Product Description:

This is a very tiny samarium cobalt block magnet which has a length of 2.28mm, a width of 1.5mm and a thickness of .76mm. Identified by the Amf part number 39090. 

Uses for our samarium cobalt block magnets:

Block magnets have been building the modern world, block by block, ever since ancient Greeks stumbled over a naturally occurring magnetic material, lodestone, while mining two and half thousand years ago.

In 1200 AD, the Chinese and the Vikings are credited with suspending rectangular or filaments of lodestone from the mast of their ships to determine which way was north. This technology facilitated much more ambitious seafaring, with resulting effects on trade and migration. The world has never been the same since.

Relative newcomers, samarium cobalt block magnets were first produced in 1970. They have nevertheless found a timely presence in a wide variety of devices and applications, especially where magnets need to operate at extreme temperatures.

This includes deployment in sensors like gauges and meters for measuring temperature and pressure in industries like mining, refining, agriculture and the military. Even at extremely low or high temperatures these magnets resist demagnetisation and corrosion.

Samarium blocks are also valued for their strength relative to their size. Deployed in medical implants, tools, toys, computer disc drives as well as hobby and craft situations where space is a premium. They attract, repel, hold, or release at an intuitive quit force just as their designer has determined. Composed of samarium, cobalt and iron these tiny blocks, when given a protective coating, are also installed in orthopaedic devices surgically placed in humans and other animals to correct deformities of muscle and bone.

Able to operate at extreme temperatures these miniscule magnets are used in electronics systems like sensors for measuring the volume, temperature and pressure of materials and gasses and liquids. Alarm security systems, medical devices and nanotechnology use samarium cobalt block magnets.

Perfect for applications where a very tiny magnet is required. Used in equipment such as electronic consoles supplied to bulk fuel facilities for monitoring and security purposes.

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