Shower Screen Magnetic Tape Seal Kit

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Product Code 59056SK
Weight 500 gm
Dimensions Width: 10mm
Length: 2m
Thickness: 1.5mm
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Magnetic Product Description

Is your shower door refusing to stay shut and letting in all the cold air from the outside world? AMF Magnetics has the perfect solution! The Shower Screen Magnetic Tape Seal Kit is designed to seal the shower doors closed. We receive hundreds of calls annually from people looking for a solution to shower screen door closures. Our kit works in most circumstances where a 10mm self-adhesive magnetic strip is required. Please note that there are many different profiles manufactured for shower screen doors and our generic 10mm magnetic strips are completely flat and work in most circumstances.

How to use our Shower Screen Magnetic Tape Kit:

Simply peel off the adhesive strip and stick to the door frame, do the same with the other magnetic strip and stick to the corresponding part of the door. The door frame and the door will now stick together firmly!

Step 1. Decide on placement of strips. Remove all dirt and foreign matter from the door and door frame. Wipe clean with alcohol. 

Step 2. Cut the required lengths of both magnetic strips with scissors.

Step 3. Peel away the adhesive cover from either one of the magnetic strips and press the adhesive side firmly onto the door edge.

Step 4. Place the opposing magnetic strip’s magnetic side onto the already adhered magnetic strip, aligning both strips perfectly to then peel away the opposing strip’s adhesive cover.

Step 5. Close door firmly to position the opposing strip onto the door frame.

Step 6. Open door and press against the opposing magnetic strip to ensure it has now firmly adhered onto the shower screen door frame.

What's included in the AMF Shower Screen Magnetic Tape Kit:

  • 2m x 10mm x 1.5mm Magnetic Self-Adhesive Strip
  • 2m x 10mm x 1.5mm Magnetic Self-Adhesive Strip (Opposing side)


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