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Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Tape from AMF Magnetics is very popular with the retail, exhibition, display, graphics and merchandising industries. We offer an extensive range of this Flexible Magnetic Rubber in a variety of colours such as yellow, blue, green, black, red and also self-adhesive, in different sizes and thicknesses. These flexible magnets are a cost-effective and high-quality solution to create signage and labels at the office, warehouse, factory and home. Our extensive stock of Magnetic Tapes can also be used for many other commercial and industrial purposes.

We can provide you with the right type of Magnetic Tape for your needs!


coloured magnetic tape

Magnetic Tape - White & Coloured
Available in 30m, 60m and 120metres roll. They can also be purchased per metre. This magnetic tape coloured goes perfectly with whiteboards or any metal noticeboard and they can be easily cut to any desired size with standard scissors or craft knife. They are very handy and great to design creative signs and you can write on it with whiteboard or permanent markers. Our coloured magnetic tape provides a secure grip and can be easily removed without leaving marks.


magnetic tape self-adhesive

Self-adhesive Magnetic Tape 
Turn your favourite photos, postcards, images, posters and signs into a magnet! With our self-adhesive magnetic tape you can attach non-magnetic documents to any metallic surface. Simply peel away the self-adhesive backing and firmly press the adhesive side down on to the back of your document. Display your items on to your whiteboard however you like! Our tape magnets self-adhesive come in 30m, 50m and 1 metres roll.



Magnafix Magnetic Tape System
This strong flexible magnet is great to apply and seamlessly join graphics to display units, allowing graphics to be effortlessly applied, interchanged and removed without the need for permanent fixtures and without the risk of damage to valuable graphics. Magnafix is also used to secure the front panels of light boxes and display cases, as well as fixing graphics inside these units. It allows easy access to graphics without the need for keys or tool. Our Magnetic Tape System is widely used in the sign-making, display system and shopfitting industries.