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Super Strong Magnets

In certain mechanical environments, a strong magnetic pull is required to achieve a secure hold on the desired metallic object. This includes the safe storage of wires along a wall or ceiling through the use of our Hook Magnets, or simply securing something in place with a strong hold. The strongest magnets commercially available are called Neodymium or Rare Earth Magnets and they are known to have an incredible pull force in comparison to their size. We offer Neodymium magnets in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different uses!

A good use for our super strong magnets is removing metallic fragments from matter on a conveyor belt in order to ensure a clean and uncontaminated product while in the manufacturing process. An example of one of the super strong magnets we have to offer is our Plate Magnets, often used to suspend over fine materials, such as flour, in a production chain in order to remove all the metallic debris in a safe and non-invasive way.

The incredible strength of our super strong magnets ensure a reliable and secure hold! Buy Super Strong Magnets Online.