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Rare Earth Threaded Hook Holding Magnets

Rare Earth magnet hooks are magnetic hanging tools that combine a steel-capped Neodymium holding pot magnet with a nickel-plated hook attachment. These handy magnetic hooks can be applied to any metal surface and are ideal for suspending wires, ropes and cables safely off the ground. Powerful Neodymium magnets encased inside the steel-capped Pot Magnet ensures these super-strong magnetic hooks can hold heavy weights and are not easily damaged or broken. The AMF range of magnetic tools and devices is extensive and includes magnetic hooks that can hold weights up to 164kg. Browse the AMF Holding Pot Magnet category to see male threaded, female threaded, round hole, countersunk hole and eyelet attachment features on a huge range of holding pot magnets. Handy rare earth hook magnets can be used to support or hang items both indoors and outdoors in your workplace, office or home.


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Rare Earth Threaded Hook Holding Magnets


Use Hook magnets to attach any item to steel surfaces or to support weights without the use of glue, nails or screws which often permanently damage the underlying material they bond with. When you have limited available storage space magnetic hooks can help to maximise the space you have. Convert steel surfaces around the backyard, garage, office or workshop into handy places to store tools and equipment or to support decorative items or lighting. Vertical walls, fencing and overhead roof spaces can be fully utilised with Magnetic Hooks as long they have a metal component to bond with. Many retail shop owners find Magnetic Hooks are ideal for either displaying their products or organising their tools and equipment so storage areas are kept tidy and free of annoying clutter. Steel surfaces are everywhere when it comes to commercial vehicles, machinery and recreational equipment so magnetic hooks are ideal in and around these types of environments. Tradespeople find magnetic hooks indispensable for organising tools, equipment and replacement parts in their vans, while caravaners and campers see hook magnets as a virtual necessity for keeping their belongings and equipment organised. Magnetic hooks keep your gear and equipment dry, off the ground and easy to find when you need it.

Magnetic Hooks are ideal for increasing storage capacity.


Sheds and workshops also usually have iron walls or metal structures that magnetic hooks can attach to. Steel gates and fences on rural properties can be ideal attachment locations for magnetic hooks. When you need to run cables, leads or hoses for an outdoor event, hook magnets make it easy to do safely by elevating them to a location away from foot traffic while also allowing vehicle access. Outdoor lighting and decorations are easy to install with magnetic hooks. Keep the power or lighting up to your alfresco dining area by running the leads or hanging the lights on magnetic hooks. Suspending hand tools and cleaning gear from a magnetic hook can save a lot of space in your cupboards or broom closet.


Pot Magnets are a strong, robust and easy to install method of attachment.

The steel casing around the strong Neodymium magnet protects the magnetic hook from impact damage and corrosion. DIY installation is simple and does not require tools or the usual penetrative fasteners that damage surfaces and can potentially cause water ingress to occur. Protecting painted or sealed surfaces can be done by placing a thin piece of felt or cloth on the base of the magnet, however, the air gap and reduced surface contact this creates will also reduce the magnet’s overall holding ability. The thickness and quality of the steel surface you attach a magnetic hook onto will also affect how strongly it attaches and how much weight it can hold. A larger magnetic hook with a wider diameter base may be needed to compensate for lower quality steel in the metal surface you want your magnetic hook to bond with.


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