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Rare Earth Threaded Hook Holding Magnets

AMF supplies Rare Earth Magnetic Hook Holding Magnets in a wide range of sizes and strengths. These strong magnetic pot holders are constructed from a powerful Neodymium Magnet within a steel cap. These heavy-duty magnetic hooks can attach to any magnetic surface and provide convenient hanging points for organising tools and equipment.

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Rare Earth Threaded Hook Holding Magnets

The steel capping protects the Neodymium Holding Magnet from a collision with metal surfaces and concentrates the magnetic force. This enables the magnet to be repeatedly used and greatly increases its strength and holding ability.

These magnetic hooks are ideal for indoor or outdoor hanging. Pot Holder Hook Magnets are popularly used to store equipment, display products or suspend items that may be regarded as trip hazards. These hanging hooks can attach to work trucks, campervans, fishing boats and trailers. They eliminate the need for screws or glue and can be attached or removed instantly.

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