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Stationery Magnets

In addition to our extensive range of industrial magnets, AMF Magnetics offers a variety of magnets for use in your home, the office, at school, for hobby applications or for fun! We stock a huge range of Stationery Magnets in our online magnet shop. Check out our Whiteboard Magnets, Self-Adhesive Magnetic Patches, Retail Stationery Magnets and Printable Magnetic Paper and Sheets.

With these strong magnets you can attach documents, notes, bills, pictures, reminders, menus or any type of paper you want to display on any kind of ferrous metallic surface. They’re also ideal for adhering calendars, brochures or any other printed material to any steel surface.

Have a look at our retail magnetic solutions. They are perfect for sticking onto the back of a business card or invitation. AMF Magnetics offers a unique range of these versatile and cost effective flexible magnets.

If you need to create a magnetic sign, our Printable Magnetic Paper and Sheets are a great solution.

Organize your workplace and personalise your spaces with our high quality and easy-to-use Stationery Magnets!

If you require any specific information about our magnets please contact our sales team.

Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders

Buy Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders at AMF
Magnetic Card Holders and Magnetic 3D Pockets can help you organize your workplace, classroom, home or garage. ..read more

Whiteboard Magnets

High Quality Whiteboard Magnets at Magnet.com.au
Whiteboard magnets are an easy-to-use and handy alternative for adhering notes, messages, documents or any kind of paper you want to display in your office, classroom, home or factory. ..read more

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Patches

Self Adhesive Magnetic Patches Online
Self-Adhesive Magnetic Patches are perfect for attaching printed materials to any steel surface. Our magnetic patches come in different shapes and sizes. ..read more

Pin Magnets

Strong Magnetic Pins are ideal to organise your workplace!
Pin Magnets are made with a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet inserted into a plastic substrate. These strong whiteboard magnets are also called 'Pawn Magnets' due to their shape. They are great for sticking notes & documents onto any ferrous metallic surface. ..read more

Office Magnets

Buy office magnets online
Our handy and popular office magnets are perfect for the workplace, on filing cabinets, warehouse racking, school whiteboards, metallic cubicle backings or any ferrous metallic surface. ..read more

Hobby and Craft Magnets

Sewable Craft Magnets
Get crafty with our range of home and craft magnets. Our products are ideal for all types of hobbies and activities, whether it's school holidays with the kids or a DIY project. Our collection includes self-adhesive magnetic patches, sewable button magnets and sheeting to org ..read more

Printable Magnetic Paper & Sheets

Buy Printable Magnetic Sheets at AMF
Printable Magnetic Paper & Sheets are great for creating signs at home or workplace. Simply place the magnetic printable paper into your inkjet or laser printer and create any magnetic sign you like. ..read more

SupaMAG Stationery Magnets

Buy SupaMAG Stationery Magnets Online at AMF
Our Retail Stationery Magnets are available in a unique range of pre-packed flexible magnets that includes round and square adhesive magnets, sheets, photo frames, strips and novelty magnets. ..read more

POS Displays

Point of Sale Displays From AMF
Our inexpensive Point of Sale displays help to display information about sale pricing, product information, current events, or upcoming sales in a clear and eye-catching manner. ..read more
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