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Magnetic Sheeting Self Adhesive

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting, 0.6mm and 0.8mm thick, available by the roll or per metre, are constructed from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix. This magnetic sheeting can be stamped, slit, punched and laminated and can be easily cut with guillotine, scissors or Stanley knife.

AMF Magnetics self-adhesive magnetic sheeting is magnetised on the back side only and is manufactured to provide good demagnetization resistance and reasonable resistance to chemical agents. On the adhesive side it has a protective peel-away paper backing.

These magnetic sheets are ideal for creating magnetic backed products like calendars, business cards, photos, graphic displays and signage. With AMF Magnetics self-adhesive sheets you can easily stick on to the back of your pictures and personalise your photos. Make original and creative magnet designs. Do it yourself and let your imagination run free!

If you require further information about our self-adhesive magnetic sheets please contact our sales team. 

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