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Fitting fly screens to a car, van or caravan windows

Many customers have found our sew-in magnets are a great option for this type of vehicle application. The magnets are sold in North to South matched pairs but can also be used as a single unit. Choose one of the 3 available sizes and stitch the magnets to the outside edge of your fly screen material so it then bonds with the opening of you vehicle!

The bodywork of most motor vehicles is made of steel which means magnets can be utilised to hold and secure items in place. However if you have an aluminium body vehicle or a plastic surface you want to screen we have a solution for you too.

Our customer service team often hear from customer looking for a means of attaching insect screens to their caravan or other vehicle. Flexible magnetic strips or tapes can be used to hold an insect-proof screen in place. Rolls of magnetic tape can be easily cut to the exact length for your particular vehicle opening.

Due to the flexible nature of the tape a flush seal can be created around the opening that keeps bugs out. Covering window or door openings in this way means cooling air can circulate around the vehicle without providing access to irritating flies and mosquitoes. It can certainly make camping in a vehicle overnight a much more enjoyable experience.

Some vehicles and camping apparatus are made from plastic or aluminium and we have a fantastic magnetic solution for these too. Non-metallic windows or aluminium body vehicles can also apply magnetic screening by using a two part magnetic tape system like Magnafix. This is a self-adhesive backed magnetic tape. Simply stick the self-adhesive side of Part A tape in place on the window frame then attach the matching Part B tape to your fly screen.  An example of one pair is 59063A and 59063B.

AMF has a wide range of Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tapes and Strips to suit various types of vehicles, openings and applications. Different widths, lengths and types of adhesive are also available. Screens on vehicle windows provide comfort in more tropical climates and also help to protect occupants from insect-borne diseases that can be both long-lasting and highly debilitating.

If you are looking for something a little stronger, some small Neodymium Disc or Block magnets would also be suitable. These can be sewn or glued onto the edges of the insect mesh and will allow it to attach magnetically to the window or door frame. This type of screen can be easily rolled up for storage when not in use or while your vehicle is on the move to a new location. Neodymium magnets can sometimes corrode in humid conditions so it is important to care for and store your magnets accordingly.