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Neodymium Ring - 12.5mm x 6mm x 3mm

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Product Code23010
Pull Force*2 kg
Weight2 gm
StyleRare Earth Ring magnet
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the 3mm
Tolerance+/- 0.05mm
Inside Diameter6mm
Outside Diameter12.5mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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ring magnet dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth ring magnet has an outside diameter of 12.5mm, an inside diameter of 6mm and a thickness of 3mm. It has a pull force of 2kg. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number 23010.

Uses for our rare earth rings magnets:

How about this for an outdoor billboard? ‘RING MAGNETS CONNECT BRANDS WITH CUSTOMERS’. While not very catchy, it is true, as advertises use these 12.5mmx6mmx3mm ring magnets as a preferred hidden or secret fixing method in many of their outdoor advertising signs. Including the sliding or regularly shifting banner signs often installed near bus stops. Ring magnets too, are used as fasteners on big fixed roadside billboards. Outdoor advertising companies claim its advertisements cannot be switched off, blocked or skipped.

As a fixing, holding, release and re-engagement method, ring magnets are without peer. For the more modern sliding sign assemblies, magnets will release at a known pull force. Holding again as the scrolling motion brings on another engagement for holding.

A large part of the appeal of magnetic fixing and release is the ease of use, and re-use. For a variety of reasons, including variety, changing of individual signs within these scrolling and unscrolling advertising ensembles, is made simpler and quicker with magnets as fasteners.

Neodymium ring magnets as connective tissue in these arrangements clasp without penetrating or damaging the fabric itself. Magnets transfer their holding power through materials, without breaching the material itself. This allows advertises to choose from a wider range of banner material than may be the case with fasteners like clips or staples. Penetrating fixings may tear or wear at contact, shop soiling the sign, or reducing its durability. Advertises love these versatile, efficient and cost effective hidden fixing systems when trying to connect their client’s brand to potential customers.

These ring magnets are in constant demand, in school projects, arts and crafts and display advertising.

Customer Reviews
  1. sad
    So bought these expecting sizes to be as stated. In general I've found most magnets have a slightly larger tolerance rather than smaller. For my use I needed the minimum 6mm I'd but they were actually 5.80mm so didn't suit my needs. While sizes weren't right, AMF didn't hesitate to refund me instantly hence the 4star rating. So buy with confidence but don't be disappointed if sizes vary a little.

    AMF Magnetics reply: Hi Jus, thank you for your feedback! Most of our magnets have a tolerance rating of +/- 0.05mm so it's unfortunate these magnets didn't suit your application! Please don't hesitate to get in touch regarding sizing in the future.

    Review by

    Posted on

  2. Cabinet latches
    We are using these (a north and south pair) as the latching system in cupboards. By rebating them into the timber frame they have zero intrusion into the opening space (unlike most conventional latches). They do the job perfectly.

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Magnets used to attach RC body to chassis.
    The Neodymium Ring magnets worked great holding the body of my remote control car to the chassis without using ugly body pins.

    Review by

    Posted on

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