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Glass whiteboards magnets

We are frequently contacted by customers looking for advice on the best magnet to use on their glass whiteboard.

Unfortunately not all glass whiteboards are made equal so it can be a tricky area. In an ideal world, the glass whiteboard manufacturer would advise customers on the strength of magnet required for their whiteboard construction based on the thickness of the glass and whether it has a steel sheet backing or just magnetic paint. However, we understand from our customers that this is not always what happens in reality.

Most glass whiteboards have a 6-10mm sheet of glass, this is a relatively thick ‘air-gap’ between the magnet and the metal/paint backing of the whiteboard. As such they require neodymium magnets (the strongest type of magnet) as the magnetic field needs to penetrate deep enough to compensate for the ‘air-gap’ between the steel backing and the whiteboard surface.

The other factor to be careful of is that the magnet is not allowed to attract to the whiteboard with force as it may damage or crack the glass. Without knowing the thickness of the glass and the type of construction it is difficult to recommend a particular magnet or pull force and it may be worth testing a couple of different sizes before ordering a large quantity.

It is our experience having worked directly with a glass whiteboard manufacturer and countless retail clients that we are unable to help in these circumstances.

We have a 30 day returns policy and you can return any magnets that do not suit your application within 30 days as long as they are in a resalable condition.