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Female Thread Neodymium Pot - Diameter 75mm x 34mm

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Product CodeAMFYPD75
Pull Force*164kg
Weight552 gm
StyleRare Earth female thread pot magnet
CoatingNickel (NiCuNi)
Direction of MagnetisationAxially magnetised thru the 18mm

*Measured against up to 10mm mild steel.

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rare earth pot magnet female thread dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This rare earth female threaded pot magnet has a diameter of 75mm, a total height of 34mm and a thickness of 18mm. It has a 10mm female thread with an external boss of 16mm. This female threaded magnet has a pull force of 164kg and a weight of 552 grams. It is identified by the AMF magnet part number AMFYPD75.

Uses for our rare earth female thread pot magnets:

These Neodymium Pot magnets have a Female Thread for convenient attachment to other materials with a bolt. These materials can include timber, acrylic and other non-ferrous materials including aluminium. These 75mm diameter female Pot magnets can also be fitted with Hooks or Eyelets to convert them into handy suspension tools for organising all types of equipment, in a safe and convenient way. The magnet is encased in steel which protects the magnet from damage, while also deflecting the magnetic force to the base, giving it excellent holding capability and increased attractive power. Non-metallic materials can be fitted with these magnets with a bolt and then attached to metal surfaces like pallet racking, machinery or vehicles, for example. In other applications, they attach to threaded rod can be used to display advertising material or signage which is attached magnetically and easily removed and reattached. Unlike traditional methods of attachment, magnetic bond is non-penetrative and does not require tools or expertise to implement. For outdoor markets, food trucks, workshops and retail displays, Female Thread Pot magnets are extremely popular.


ModelNo. D1Ø M H h Holding force(kg) Weight (g)
AMFYPD10 10 5.5 3 12 5 2.2 3.5
AMFYPD12 12 6 3 13 5 3.2 5
AMFYPD16 16 6 4 13 5 5.5 8
AMFYPD20 20 8 4 15 7 9 17
AMFYPD25 25 10 5 17 8 22 32
AMFYPD32 32 10 6 18 8 34 47
AMFYPD36 36 10 6 18 8 41 59
AMFYPD42 42 10 6 20 9 68 87
AMFYPD48 48 12 8 24 11.5 81 132
AMFYPD60 60 14 8 30 15 113 270
AMFYPD75 75 16 10 34 18 164 552
Customer Reviews
  1. Fast Delivery
    Ordered some D75 magnets on a Sunday and they arrived in
    Brisbane Tuesday. Fast delivery service.

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  2. Packaging
    Product is fantastic however the way the items are packaged needs improvement. To have a hundred extremely strong neodymium magnets combined in a cardboard box with plastic wrap that then requires separating is not an enjoyable experience!

    AMF Magnets reply: Hi Kerry, thank you for your review and your feedback about the packaging. We try to be responsible with the amount of plastic we use with each order by keeping it to a minimum, this means only separating magnets with high pull forces. Magnets which have been packed together should be easily separated using the technique depicted on the included magnet safety flyer.

    Review by

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